“Kisii School Hosts Equity Foundation’s 13th Annual Education conference.”

By Orenge Wycliff

  • The 13th annual conference was hosted by Kisii National school.
  • Scholars from various schools attended the conference.
  • The scholars were given insights of academic excellence.
  • There were 19 conferences held in the country.
  • The conference was held for 3 days

The needy scholars pose for a photo with the officials from equity foundation, Ministry of Education, County commissioner’s office and the Principal Kisii School. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

More than 18,500 needy scholars under equity Bank’s wings to fly and the Elimu programmes across the country have something to smile for after being given an opportunity to attend a 3-days mentorship exercise during the 13th annual Regional Education conference for the scholars organized by the Equity foundation alongside other partners like the ministry of education, Mastercard and the World Bank.

In Kisii National school, a great number of scholars from Kisii, Nyamira, Homabay, Narok, Kericho,Migori among others attended the conference.

While Speaking to the media in Kisii, the Equity Group foundation representative said that the programme’s main aim is to mentor the scholars who come from vulnerable backgrounds.

“This is one of the 19 conferences taking place around the country where Equity Group and its partners including the Ministry of Education, Worldbank, Mastercard foundations and others run programmes to mentor students, scholars, Exceptional scholars who happen to come from vulnerable backgrounds.”

He added that this year, the Equity foundation managed to sponsor a total of 8,500 students to join secondary schools across the country whereby 7,000 students are supported under the Elimu Programme and the other 1,000 from the Wings to Fly.

“In this year the Equity group foundation and its partners have sponsored a total of 8,500 students.”

He also added that the programme has so far sponsored over 55,000 students whereby he termed the programme as a very successful one since it has registered an 82% transition from secondary to Universities across the world.

“In total the Equity foundation under the Wings to fly and the Elimu Programmes have sponsored over 55,000 students to go through the secondary school programmes. It is a successful programme for it has registered 82% transition from secondary school to university and that includes global universities around the world.”

The scholars attending the 13th annual Education conference at Kisii school Pose for a photo. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

The Kisii school chief principal Mr. Fred Mogaka also thanked the Equity Group for having chosen Kisii school as the Centre for that training and for following up the students and giving them motivation to achieve their best.

Mr. Mogaka also voiced the commitments from the principals in ensuring that there is no burden mounted on the vulnerable students to ensure that they complete their studies.

“As principals of secondary schools we like the fact that these are vulnerable students, we will do what it takes to ensure that there is no burden on them following and motivating them to complete their studies even as they join public Universities.”

Fred Mogaka- Principal Kisii School

Kisii school principal Mr. Fred Mogaka alongside the leaders from the Equity group foundation and the Ministry of Education. Photo| Orenge Wycliff

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