“Where is my Husband?” A woman from Kisii Cries out for her missing husband

By Orenge Wycliff

  • Mrs Irene Gesare is looking for her Missing husband
  • Mr.William Onyoni left home on Saturday afternoon
  • She went looking for him and found him at one illicit brew Centre in Kisii
  • Alcoholism has been a menace in Kenya
  • The government through the leadership of H.E William Ruto is fighting to end alcoholism in Central province.
  • Religious Leaders have joined the fight against alcoholism

Mrs. Irene Gesare, the woman who is looking for her missing husband. Here efforts haven’t born any fruits. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

A woman in Kisii is looking for her missing husband. The husband Mr. William Onyoni is said to have left home on Saturday afternoon and never returned back home since then.

While addressing the media said that her efforts of searching for him landed him at one notorious illicit brew centre in a village Known as Kenonka, Erera in Kisii sleeping.

The brewer Mrs. is said to be a notorious brewer that is untouchable and hence the efforts to put her behind bars have been useless. She has been boasting that she is the government and nothing can be done to her whatsoever.

“I went to her house and found her outside and asked her whether she has seen my husband but she denied, I insisted that I should go inside and check. Upon entry, I found my husband sleeping on her bed. I asked him why he’s sleeping on someone’s bed, he did not answer then I heard Jemimah crying from outside after being slapped by Linet…”

Mrs. Irene Gesare. 08 August, 2023

A little fight that left one Mrs. Jemimah Moraa with injuries on her left Jaw.

Mrs. Jemima Moraa Sustained some injuries from a hot slap from Mrs. Linet. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

Mrs. Irene narrates that she was surprised to find some of her missing items like a gas and a blanket at that house which were later confiscated by the clan elder. They left the scene hoping that her husband will be released to come back home but has not turned up for four days now. This has caused alarm and has since made reports to Bosongo Police station and got orders that her husband and lost items be returned to her. yet nothing has changed.

She also laments that her kids are always asking for the whereabouts of their father but she is silent since she has no answers to offer.

“My Children are anxious to see their father, they have been asking me of their father’s whereabouts but am unable to answer them since I don’t know what is going on with him or where he is. Please help me get my husband back.”

Mrs. Irene Gesare. 08 August, 2023

They are now appealing to the government agencies to come in and help them locate Mr. William Onyoni who has since been missing.

Father Lawrence Nyaanga – of the Catholic Diocese of Kisii. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

While addressing the media on the same issue, Father Lawrence Nyaanga of the Catholic Diocese of Kisii has condemned the rising cases of illicit brewing in the Gusii region and has asked the government agencies to work hard in ensuring that the rate of illicit brew brewing in the region is contained.

He also stated that the rate of alcoholism in the region may be high as a result of corruption and bribery. He thus called upon those tasked to deal with the issue of alcoholism in the country starting from the county commissioners to rise up and do their job in order to prevent any further damage that may render our country a drunk nation.

“We ask the government and those tasked to deal with the issue of the illicit brew to rise up and do their work and avoid sitting in their offices. Let them put more efforts to ensure that the level of illicit brew brewing goes down.”

Father Lawrence Nyaanga. 08 August, 2023

Father Nyaanga also asked the government to employ the same efforts that they are putting in Central Kenya to end illicit brewing in the region to the Gusii community to salvage the land.

It is true that the illicit brew brewing in Kisii is still high and something needs to be done so quickly to contain the situation in the region.

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