“It has Always been about Them not US!” Azimio la Umoja’s list of issues to be discussed with Kenya Kwanza Baffles Kenyans.

By Orenge Wycliff

The Azimio la Umoja leaders, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila odinga Martha Karua and other leaders. Photo| Google, the Standard

It has always been about them. Kenyans are furious over the Raila Odinga led Azimio la umoja one Kenya coalition’s submission of the agendas that they want to be discussed during their proposed talks with Kenya Kwanza team.

The reports circulating throughout the media indicate that there has been an agreement between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza to sit together and discuss the issues affecting the Kenyans.
It is more subtle to even say that the high cost of living is not part of the agendas that the Azimio tabled to talk about.
The list of the issues scheduled to be talked of are;

  1. Reconstitution of IEBC
  2. Implementation of the 2/3 gender rule
  3. Entrenchment of the constituency Development fund.
  4. Establishment and the entrenchment of the office if the leader of opposition.
  5. Entrenchment of the office of the prime cabinet secretary.

The Kenyans who are facing some pressure of the high cost of living which precisely sent them into the streets are bitter that the most important part that should make the core of the discussions has been placed in thin air as a matter of no much emphasis stating that the issue of the finance bill should only be left fur the court of law to deal with it.

The residents of Kisii lighting bonfires along the Kisii-Kilgoris road as they demonstrated the high cost of living. Photo | Orenge Wycliff

Already, a few members of the Azimio la Umoja have rubbished that list stating that if it’s not about the high cost of living, then they are ready to bolt out:

The MCA for Rigoma Ward in Nyamira County Hon. Nyambega Gisesa at his office. Photo curtesy | Gusii Digital News

Nyambega Giaesa, the member of county assembly representing the people of Rigoma Ward said:

“As long as the cost of living is not part of the agenda in Azimio and Kenya Kwanza talks, then I and my people are walking out. We can’t negotiate for people who worked hard not to win the Presidency.”

Nyambega Gisesa. MCA Rigoma Ward 29th July 2023

Up to now, many Kenyans have been left with shock that these leaders are always using them to negotiate for their piece of cake in government.
It is still not understood why the Rt. Honorable RAILA Odinga could always leave the Kenyans in Cold as he chases his own interests.
It is the high time that the Kenyans stand up and be counted in the war against impunity and defend themselves and never to count on any politician to fight for them.

We still await an official communication to verify the reports as true. President RUTO also sent a prior warning that if the talks must happen, then it should never be about sharing positions in government.

Speaking at the coast where he went to start some plans on economy, he said that it’s not possible that people can incite the Kenyans against the police service to throw stones on them.

The Leader of majority in the national assembly Hon. Kimani Inchungwa said that if these talks have to happen, then it must be an open forum to the public where by it must be aired through the media live as it happens to ensure that RAILA Odinga doesn’t sell his selfish interests and an expense of The Kenyans.
Already the Azimio team has tabled the name of the former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo as their mediator during the talks.

The former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo who has been selected by the Azimio team to sit in the mediation panel with Azimio and Kenya Kwanza. Photo curtesy | People’s Gazette

The 10 men mediation talks are said to begin in a few days time in order to cool down the political temperatures in the country. What is still not clear is whether the two teams will meet an agreement following the fact that a few weeks ago, the bipartisan talks did stall and the people asked to take into the streets.

The Big Question to the Reader

Do you think the Azimio team is having the people’s interest at heart as their first priority?

why do you think the issue of the finance bill was treated as a lesser pressing issue?

What would you have prioritized as the key Talking Points during those scheduled Talks?

Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

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