H.E Simba Arati Waives Hospital fees for those injured during Demos in Kisii

By Orenge Wycliff

Kisii county Governor Paul Simba Arati.

The Governor for Kisii County H.E Paul Simba Arati has waived all medical expenses for all victims of police brutality who were hospitalized in Various public hospitals and health facilities within the county, after sustaining injuries during the demonstrations over the high cost of living in the recent weeks.

The Governor noted that the victims were Kenyan patriots exercising their democratic rights by holding peaceful demonstrations and faulted the police for using unnecessary force, including shooting live bullets at the unarmed protesters.

Protesters light bonfires along the Kisii Kilgoris road at Ogembo. Photo |Orenge Wycliff

He regretted that four people lost their lives in the county due to the irrational police action and sent his sympathies to the affected families.

Governor Arati wished quick recovery to the patients who are nursing injuries due to bullets wounds and other brute energy meted out by the police.

He asked human rights organizations and police oversight agencies to investigate the errant police action, with a view to serving justice to the perpetrators.

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