Five Charged for obstructing Public roads in Kisii

By Orenge Wycliff

Chief Magistrate Stella Abuya in Kisii Law Court yesterday during the hearing of the charges laid against five suspects Photo credit| Orenge Wycliff

Five accused people were arraigned to court and faced the charges of obstructing the Kisii-Oyugis Highway during the Maandamano in Kisii on Wednesday. The five among which one is a minor appeared before the Kisii law court before the Chief magistrate Stella Obuya. They all denied the charges tabled against them and were all given a bond of Ksh. 50,000 which was later reviewed downwards to Ksh. 20,000 following an application from the defense lawyers. An application was made to exclude one suspect (the second accused) from being prosecuted together with the other four in the court of justice for he is a minor. The Chief magistrate agreed to the plea from the defense lawyers and directed that the second accused(minor) be taken to KTRH for age examination.

The five suspects who appeared in court yesterday. They faced the charges for obstruction of a public road. Photo Curtesy |Orenge Wycliff

Speaking to the press after the prosecution, the counsel for the accused persons led by Counsel George Morara Akuma stated that the accused persons never actually participated in any activity which amounted to the obstruction of a public road during the demonstrations on Wednesday. He said that the five among them a minor were arrested while carrying out their errands in Kisii township.

“The battery of advocates standing in for the accused persons are calling on our country and the people charged with security that from our own enquiries and interviews to the accused persons, they were picked out from various points in Kisii township but when they were read their charges today morning and the particulars of these charges were that they obstructed the Kisii Oyugis Highway.”

George Morara- Counsel of the high court- Kisii

The five were charged and given a bond of Ksh. 50,000 but was later on reviewed downwards to Ksh. 20,000 after an application from the defense lawyers because the five are from the poor backgrounds and may not afford the Kshs. 50,000.

The accused persons, One a street boy, one a Mechanic, 2 people doing manual jobs and one a student of the Kisii National polytechnic and could have been a tall order for them to afford the huge amount of Ksh. 50,000.

The counsel George Morara asked the nation not to politicize the investigative arm and the prosecution arm of the nation of Kenya because the prosecution made some deliberate efforts to frustrate the administration of Justice.

The counsel for the defense speaking with one of the accused persons. Photo credit | Orenge Wycliff

The counsel said that the charges were frivolous against the citizens of Kenya because there is no evidence tabled in terms of photos or videos to ascertain that the accused persons were really engaged in the activities as per the charges laid against them. The five accused will now remain in custody until they get the bail or an equivalent for them to enjoy their freedom once more.

The defense lawyers for the accused persons led by George Morara giving address to the media in Kisii. Photo Credit| Orenge Wycliff

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