“They Belong to Kamiti”. Nyaribari Chache MP Hon. Zaheer Jhanda asks Azimio to stop sabotaging President Ruto’s Plans to take Kenya to the Next Level.

By Orenge Wycliff

Nyaribari Chache MP. Hon. Zaheer Jhanda Addressing the media Today. |Photo Credit | Orenge Wycliff

The member of Parliament for Nyaribari Chache constituency has called upon the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition led by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga to stop sabotaging the good plans that President Ruto has for this country. Speaking while addressing the Media in Kisii, Hon Zaheer alluded that the opposition has fears that if the Kenya Kwanza government is given an opportunity to work on their master plan to take Kenya to the next level, it is more likely that the Kenyans will ask President Ruto to come back one more time in 2027.

“I know and it is true that the cost of living is high, but as a member of Parliament coming from the ruling coalition, I want to say that wearing sufurias on the head cannot bring the cost of living down. I have been moving up and down telling my constituents that the government has got concrete plans to bring the cost of living down and so they(Azimio) have fear that if the president H.E William Ruto is given the opportunity to implement the plans, the programs and the promises he pledged during the campaigns, then in 2027, the Kenyan citizens will ask him to come back again.”

Hon. Zaheer Jhanda |MP Nyaribari Chache, 19th July 2023.

This comes after a high tension that is being experienced in the country following the call for demonstrations from the opposition in order to coax the government to bring down the cost of living for it is too high for the common Kenyan.

Earlier on, the people from all over the country took into the streets to picket in response for the high cost of living and the unbearable costs of oil products such as Petrol and Diesel and the price of food. Kisii town was also among the places where people lit the bonfires as they demonstrated along the Kisii Kilgoris road at Mwembe area.

The police in Kisii struggle to put off the fire that was lit at Mwembe area along the Kisii Kilgoris Road. Photo Credit |Orenge Wycliff

Speaking on the issue of the Finance act of 2023/2024 that was passed by the National Assembly, the lawmaker asserted that the August House passed the bill without any form of interference and with their sobber minds because they strongly believe that it is the best for the country.

“We passed the Finance bill because we believe it is the best for the Country.”

Hon. Zaheer Jhanda |MP. Nyaribari Chache| 19 July 2023
Nyaribari Chache MP. Hon. Zaheer Jhanda addressing the Media in Kisii. Photo credit | Orenge Wycliff

The lawmaker also maintained that he together with his team will do everything possible to protect the county from any form lawlessness being committed by ferried goons.

Hon. Zaheer called for the arrest of the Azimio leaders for allegedly sabotaging the economy and the plans of the president William Ruto to take the country to the next level. He said that all those responsible for instilling fear to the people of Kenya for three days consecutive belong to Kamiti Prison and should be arrested and detained.

“The opposition leadership should be arrested. They are economic saboteurs. They are not different from criminals, from terrorists they are the people that should be behind the bars. They belong to the Kamiti…because what they are doing is not right. It is not possible that for three days, you instill fear to the Kenyan People.

Hon. Zaheer Jhanda |MP. Nyaribari Chache| 19 July 2023

The demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the country in the coming days, Thursday and Friday unless anything changes.

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